22 August 2013

I quit my job yesterday.

The Boss has always told me that i can quit my job, anytime.
her one caveat is that i have another one...before i quit the current one.

so, yesterday, i quit.

i accepted a new position here in the college of ed at osu: clinical instructor. i have two main responsibilities: 1) it puts me under the broad faculty umbrella (yea!)--i'm teaching two sections of our undergraduate technology-in-the-classroom course; 2) i will manage the coe's new TECH playground--a technological state-of-the-art room where faculty and grad students can come to play with new tech and help improve their pedagogical practice.

i'm beyond excited...it gets me closer to what i want to be when i grow up, has great flexibility in hours in the playground and teaching, a new office (with a window--what!!!???), and the opportunity to work closer--academically--with folks here. it's a great opportunity i couldn't turn down...i start in a few weeks, am totally jazzed, and am looking forward to playing and learning for a living :)

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